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CareRight Accomadation Program

CareRight is happy to announce their new pilot project


CareRight Accommodation Program

We are seeking expressions of interest for ten Support Independent Living (SIL) participants to register and participate in C.A.P.



Why C.A.P.

With the real-estate market being what it is, more and more people are finding it harder to find affordable housing.

If you live with a disability, it’s worse.

Limited pensions, year long waits for assistive housing coupled with the difficulty of having a choice of where you live and who you live with makes it near impossible for anyone to improve the quality of their life.

As the NDIS looks for ways to reduce the overall cost of running their scheme, qualifying for services such as Specialist Disability Accommodation come with stringent rules that impact where you live and who you may or may not live with.


CareRight wants to change that.


CareRight Accommodation Program (C.A.P) is all about choice.



You can choose

Allowing CareRight to find new experienced supports for you.


Choose to bring your support workers you already have over to the CareRight Team.

CareRight believes in consistency in your life. Our SIL teams consist of no more than 4 people and supports are given a permanent roster. This leaves you with a piece of mind about who is attending your home and when.



You can choose

Living on your own


Having a roommate

You can choose the area in which you live.

If you have a roommate and your support staff is split, you can choose to both be part of the program.


Why C.A.P.

Instead of leasing costs for office space and fleets of leased vehicles, CareRight’s initiative is to put those funds into resources that betters our participants life directly.

CareRight may pay your rent up to $500.00 per week. (Dependent to rental averages in the area in which you live).


Next Steps

You must be a SIL Participant

  • Click the link below to apply to the pilot project.
  • A member of CareRight will contact you to arrange a phone/zoom or in person meeting to discuss the project and to answer any questions you will have.
  • If still interested CareRight will send you or your legal guardian scope of the project and service agreements.

Questions about getting started? Drop us a line to find out more!